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IYF Beginner Bodyweight Free (Instagram Post).png

This Beginner Bodyweight Program is intended for people of any age or experience level who want to learn the fundamentals of strength training, and start to incorporate some of the pillars that make Iron Yogi Fitness a unique and holistic experience. It is ideal for travel or small spaces, as the program requires zero equipment, and very little space! The exercise selection is designed to help you build a well-rounded foundation of strength. Applied consistently over time with proper fuel via nutrition, it will also help you start to create lasting physique changes. To try it out for free, click here  to download a two week sample program, where you will track your workouts on a PDF log we've created for you. The full 12 week program is delivered via the free Iron Yogi Fitness app, where you can view exercise demonstration videos, track your workouts and other habits/activities, and easily view progress markers, which you are prompted to enter. You can also connect other popular fitness apps and devices so that all of your information is in one place. Create lifelong healthy habits, and progress to an Advanced Bodyweight Program, or any of our programs that use equipment using the Iron Yogi Fitness app and Beginner Bodyweight Program. Everything is better when you’re stronger!

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